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Why Consign with Us?

At KARV, we decided to create a hassle-free consignment program with RVers in mind.Most dealerships handle consignments from a wholesale standpoint, assigning a one-size-fits-all value to your rig based usually upon a blue book that only they have access to and without much rhyme or reason as to why that value is authority. This dollar amount is usually 30-40% lower than current retail pricing, if not more. Whether their excuse is liability, overhead, wiggle room for the next potential buyer, or just sheer profit, that leaves tens of thousands of $$$ on the table.

We at KARV use a market and reason based valuation system that we personally walk you through, taking in your coach’s current condition, features, options, etc. We compare it locally and nationally to like rigs, and take into account any other factors such as season and urgency to sell.

We Handle Everything In The Sales Process

  • initial transport logistics
  • detailing & cleaning
  • marketing (hand-written ad, spec sheet, and high-quality photoshoot)
  • paperwork (release of liability, quarantee of title, power of attorney, etc)
  • escrow if a lienholder is involved
  • trades (we take trailers, motorhomes, cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, motorcycles, real estate & more)
  • rv financing
  • repair & cosmetic alterations
  • showings
  • we can even consign your coach right where it sits, leaving it available for trips or use in the interim

The Best Part?

We work our fee from retail-down, not wholesale-up like most dealers: the more you make, the more we make. You’ll truly make top dollar for your RV

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